Follow-up steps

For the sale and/or purchase of a home, you will have to arrange a number of follow-up steps. For example, consider a valuation or appraisal. Of course we also want to advise you on this.


When you make an appointment for a non-binding sales conversation, a valuation will be issued. This valuation gives you insight into the value of your home. The indication of the expected sales price can be the basis for the search for a new home.


A valuation report is in most cases mandatory when you are going to buy a house. This is called a validated valuation and you will need it for the mortgage application. Even if you are going to insure your house, you need a valuation report so that you know for what amount you have to insure your house.

For an appraiser, a valuation report is more than filling out a standard form. Every appraisal is a unique assignment in which the client can recognize an almost pure reflection of the current market value of his real estate.

NWWI Valuations

The Netherlands Housing Value Institute, the NWWI, validates (approves) appraisal reports of homes from affiliated appraisers and ensures that each appraisal is drawn up uniformly and according to clear guidelines. Lenders, housing associations, intermediaries and consumers receive housing valuations that are as clear, reliable and as objective as possible, which provide insight into the way in which the appraised value has been established.

How does it work?

The appraiser works within a predetermined working area. You can decide for yourself which appraiser is allowed to carry out the assignment. After acceptance of the assignment, the appraiser prepares the valuation report and declares in it, on the basis of his own expertise and local knowledge, the deviation between the appraised value and the model values (supplied by the NWWI). He substantiates his value judgment according to strict guidelines and this makes it clearly visible to you how the appraised value has been established. After the digital signature by the appraiser, you will receive the valuation report fully automatically by e-mail.

Request NWWI Valuation Report?

That can be done in different ways. Your mortgage advisor or the appraiser of your choice can arrange this for you via the NWWI, but you can also request a report yourself. To do this, go to the NWWI website: and click on 'Request’.


To carry out a valuation of a home, we charge € 650 incl. VAT, incl. NWWI costs.
To carry out a valuation of a home with renovation specification or an apartment, we charge € 695,- incl. VAT, incl. NWWI costs.

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