Een lagere CO2 uitstoot, zowel op de weg als op kantoor

Pooters Makelaardij is het eerste makelaarskantoor en MKB bedrijf in Maastricht dat volledig is overgegaan op 100% elektrisch rijden met alle auto’s. Pooters Makelaardij heeft het MEA (Maastrichtse Energie Akkoord) ondertekend en zorgt voor een lager CO2 uitstoot zowel op de weg als op kantoor.

On the way to energy neutral

Pooters Makelaardij puts its words into action and is serious about making our office in the city center energy neutral. This will enable us to achieve a CO2 reduction of at least 5,000 kilograms per year before the end of the year. That is equivalent to burning 1595 liters of diesel. With this new agreement, 26 organisations, institutions and companies have now signed a Maastricht Energy Agreement.

The sustainability measures of Makelaardij Pooters vary from the installation of LED lighting, the installation of a hot water heat pump to new plastic frames and an insulated connecting door.

Owner Gyvan Pooters: “As a real estate agency, we attach great importance to sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions. For example, we make our home owners aware of taking energy-efficient measures and we set a good example ourselves. This not only reduces the monthly costs, but we also jointly realize a significant CO2 reduction.”

Alderman Gert-Jan Krabbendam: “Under the banner #missionzeromaastricht we are working together on a climate neutral Maastricht. It is good to see that there is a lot of support in the city to really get started with our climate task. Compliments to Makelaardij Pooters with the results already achieved and the future plans to make their company fully sustainable. It shows that entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises can also contribute to our climate task with very concrete measures. Entrepreneurs who also want to get started can contact the municipality for support and advice. I hope and expect that many more will follow.”

The measures and the proceeds of Pooters Makelaardij at a glance:
• Six 100% electric vehicles – 3,000 kg CO2 less per year;
• 16 solar panels – yield 4,500 Kwh per year;
• LED lighting – savings of 10,000 Kwh per year & 2,000 kg less CO2 per year;
• Hot water heat pump – 70% energy savings.

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