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The real estate agents of Pooters Makelaardij are happy to assist you and help you find the right home in Maastricht or Heuvelland.

The purchase of your greatest asset.

During the purchase of a home, many questions arise. A suitable neighborhood, a realistic offer or a correct agreement are just a few examples. We understand that you can use some help with this. For this reason we can offer you the different packages below. This allows us to assist you during these non-routine decisions and we ensure you that you have a good feeling about the purchase of your largest asset.

Basic package:

If you choose the basic package, we will take care of the following activities:

• Guidance during the viewing of the home
• Architectural advice
• Carrying out the obligation to investigate
• Discussing the negotiating possibilities and other conditions with the sellers
• Making a bid after consultation
• Implementation of the negotiation
• Check the purchase agreement
• Advice regarding the choice of notary and requesting a quote
• Guidance during the final inspection for the transfer
• Guidance during the transfer

The fixed costs of this Basic package are € 2950, - incl. VAT.

All-in package:

The all-in package includes the basic package and we will provide the following additional services:

• A valuation with NWWI validation for obtaining a mortgage, made by a recognized and independent valuator
• Guidance during this valuation
• A technical inspection, performed by an independent architectural specialist
• Guidance during this technical inspection

The fixed costs of this all-in-package are € 4500, - incl. VAT.

All-in package +:

The all-in package + includes the basic package and we will provide the following additional services:

• Mortgage advice
• Inventory of personal and financial situation
• Inventory of wishes, objectives and starting points
• Analysis with advice points on mortgage advice
• Discussion of the mortgage advice
• Mortgage mediation (requesting offers from more than 15 mortgage lenders
• Administrative actions towards notaries
• Advice in the field of home-related insurance

The fixed costs of this all-in package + are € 7500, - incl. VAT. Tax refund 37,5% or 49,5% tax returns. 

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