Family business since 2007

Pooters Makelaardij is a family business that has been active in real estate since 2007, led by brothers Gyvan and Bermon Pooters. Personal, professional and reliable is what Pooters Makelaardij stands for, this is what we strive for with our passionate team. Our team consists of 15 people and focuses on the housing market in Maastricht and Heuvelland.

VBO agent

Pooters Makelaardij is affiliated with VBO Makelaar, the trade association for real estate agents and appraisers. This distinguishes Pooters Makelaardij and sees the appointment as a special appreciation of quality and integrity.

Craftsmanship, reputation and training

Partly due to the high requirements, not every broker can become a member of VBO just like that. For example, the broker must meet requirements regarding craftsmanship, reputation and training. The broker must be in possession of a broker's diploma and have a positive reputation. The board checks this by means of a peer review.

Eerlijk Bieden (honest bidding)

Integrity comes first at Pooters Makelaardij, also and especially in the bidding process! For this reason, we use the quality mark Eerlijk Bieden to make the buying process more transparent and more fair for buyers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Pooters Makelaardij is the first real estate agency and SME in Maastricht that has completely switched to electric driving with all cars (100% electric). Pooters Makelaardij has signed the MEA (Maastricht Energy Agreement) and ensures lower CO2 emissions both on the road and in the office.

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