Buying or selling an investment property?

We are happy to advise you on the purchase and sale of investment property(s), possibly in the silent sale.

Investing in real estate 

There are many different types of investment properties and every investor has a different preference. Examples of this are: student buildings or residences, divided into several studios or apartments and office/shop spaces combined with an (upstairs) apartment. The above homes can be sold through Pooters Makelaardij. You can also contact us for the purchase of these types of homes. We can advise and guide you in the (re)letting and/or management of the property in collaboration with our rental department, Pro Housing.

In doing so, the potential growth potential of the property and/or rental price can be examined, so that the gross return can be mapped out. After finding out all the costs, the net return can also be determined. We refer office, catering and other business spaces to commercial estate agents with whom we have a collegial partnership.

Important matters when purchasing an investment property:

Purchase price:

An investment property is often offered for sale in a rented condition. In this case, rental agreement(s) have been drawn up. It is important to take this lease agreement into account and to have access to certain conditions such as duration, rent increases and any additional costs that can be passed on. With insight into this data, a good calculation can be made of the gross and net income. The value of an investment property is not only important for the purchase price, but also for the financing. What the value is can be expressed in different ways. For example, there is a distinction between a rented state and a non-rented state. In addition, the terms market value, market rent, investment value, fair value, private sale value and foreclosure value are important. What banks assume is different.


It's often about location, location, and location. The location is important to get a good estimate of the marketability of the rental. In an office building, accessibility and visible location are an important factor, in retail spaces where the masses are located, so more often in the center of a village or city, and in student buildings, the distance from school, supermarket and center is important. A lower return in a better location can often be more interesting in the longer term because of less vacancy and price increases of the investment object.


Naturally, the type of property and the state of maintenance are important to gain insight into the activities and annual maintenance that must be carried out. Overdue maintenance and/or poor annual maintenance can lead to unforeseen costs in the long term. An administrator is often appointed for daily maintenance. This can differ in technical management and also administrative management. View the options for renting out via Pro Housing or for completely outsourcing the management (care package) at Contact us for more information about buying or selling your investment property.

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