Een 100% transparant koopproces

Bij Pooters Makelaardij staat integriteit voorop, ook en vooral in het biedingsproces! Zo maken wij gebruik van het online platform van Eerlijk Bieden om het koopproces voor de consument transparanter en eerlijker te maken.

Fair Bidding and trade association VBO

VBO strives to make the bidding process more transparent and offers consumers the opportunity to complete an online bidding form through its affiliated brokers.

After the bid deadline has passed, no new bids will be accepted and both the broker and the seller will receive an overview of all candidates from which a buyer can be designated. Then everyone who has made a bid will receive a message at the same time, so that it is immediately clear whether a bid was accepted or not. After the contract has been signed, all bids may also reach the candidates, so that they have a better insight into the bidding process as a whole and can use this in a possible subsequent bid.

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